The Evolution of Consciousness and the Coronavirus – How Viruses Have Affected Our Evolution

Lately I’ve been diving deep into the world of consciousness. I can’t help sharing my thoughts on the connection between consciousness and viruses to you as well.
DISCLAIMER: I would like to remind you that although the subject is related to health and medicine, this is not a medical writing. I don’t give medical advice in my post, I’m thinking about the connection between consciousness and viruses on a philosophical level. I encourage all readers to follow precautions given by authorities.
Keep reading only if you understand the text above.
For thousands of years, people have been wondering the essence of consciousness.
What is it to be aware? How can matter create intangible, consciousness? Or is it the other way around? Can intangible, consciousness create all matter?
We don’t know the answer to these questions, but researchers have developed different theories.
The word consciousness I use in this text does not cover analytical mind or self-awareness. Everything living has consciousness. There are different levels of consciousness and the evolution of consciousness can be considered. Both cells and microbes as well as animals are conscious in their own way.
And some scientists even claim that the core of all non-living matter is consciousness.
It’s complicated!

We are communities consisting of microbes

We’ve been living together with microbes for billions of years. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? If what you see in the mirror is an individual, you live in an illusion. You’re not an individual. You’re a community of billions and billions of microbes. Each surface of your body: skin, mucous membrane, intestines and even lung blister are inhabited by microbes.
Our consciousness consists of ”own” consciousness and the consciousness of all microbes and cells that we ourselves accept as part of our experience. These microbes, which are part of ”you”, are called microbiome.
The immune system of the individual accepts these microbes as part of ”the Self”, and does not reject them, considers them as part of the ”Self”. When self meets a microbe that it doesn’t recognize, it interprets the situation. It either accepts it as part of the self or rejects it. The microbes that belong to us will make an interpretation of the environment and share all the information they receive with us.
It’s like we have billions of eyes and ears on our skin watching the world for us. The more microbes in us, the better, because each microbe carries a huge amount of information about the nature of the universe. It is known that the disturbed microbiome is linked to reduced resistance and numerous diseases.
The healthier our microbiome is, the more different microbes we accept as a part of us, and the richer and versatile the microbes are. The conditions of the platform determines what kind of microbes they like.
Our consciousness, attitudes and thoughts create that platform, an experience of ”the Self”.

When our microbiome meets a stranger we either exchange information or we fight against it

The microbes living on the surface of our bodies are doing everything they can for us.
When we encounter a foreign microbe, our microbiome intensifies its cooperation and there is no room for the pathogen in our ecosystem. If our microbiome interprets a visitor as greater than its capacity, it will share information to our immune system, and so the immune system together with microbes rejects the visitor. In these cases, we may not even notice the symptoms, but the microbe has already shared information to our community. This exchange of information can be seen as example by examining antibodies – that exchange of information can even affect genes.
And this also works the other way around. Our system also shares information with that microbe, the information we share can also affect its inheritance. Information is therefore an order that can be accompanied by an interpretation. Genes are an interpretation of the nature of the universe.
Normal brain and individual development needs this exchange of information. If an organism lives in an environment without microbes, cognitive abilities do not develop normally. We need microbes in the environment! Lack of microbes leads to lack of information and awareness.
Problems arise only when our ”Self” or self-awareness interprets a threat outside or inside the body as overwhelming or if our self-awareness interprets its own resources, compared to a threat that has been interpreted, too small. That’s when the defense system will start to work destructive. If we are in a state of fear, the microbiome will be disturbed and does not perform its mission effectively, like it would in a state of peace.
When the defense system overreacts, a cell, body, individual or society destroys itself in as a reaction to the virus.
This applies to many diseases and symptoms. Instead of fighting microbes and therefore ourselves, it is useful to see the array of information exchange. The information we exchange is not information that could be investigated on an analytical level. The knowledge that microbes share with us is related to the experience of me and the world. All order contains information. This is also the case for genes. The genes contain a huge amount of information that has formed over millions of years of learning process.
Researchers suspect that 70 % of the world’s population will receive coronavirus. This will affect our experience and it will affect our view of the world. However, we ourselves can decide how it will affect us.
Microbes are part of us, physical self and immune identity, so by fighting them we will eventually destroy ourselves. By accepting the information they bring, we can rise to a new level of consciousness, both as a society and as individuals.
If we have an attitude to battle in principle, we can be sure that the result is less favourable on a large scale than in a situation where we are prepared to grow, develop and see the threat as an opportunity.

An Ancient Virus May Be Responsible for Human Consciousness and Cognition

Scientists at Utah University have studied the nature of consciousness and are telling about their findings in their bulletin. According to them, organisms, and with it, human awareness and ability to think could have been created by information provided by the virus-ribonucleic acids. We need microbes for the individual, but also for the development of society!
Researchers suspect that about 400 million years ago, the information shared by viruses became a part of our genetic structure. Unlike bacteria, viruses make active changes to cells by injecting their own genetic knowledge into the cells.
According to researchers, it would appear that even today the Arc gene responsible for our consciousness comes from viruses. This gene seems to have a strong impact on how the human nervous system transmits information and it seems to be a prerequisite for thinking. Changes in that gene cause cognitive disturbances.

Fear As an Ingredient of a Pandemia

Pandemics have trained our immune system throughout history. It is therefore very interesting to look at in what kind of world situations pandemics occur.
Pandemics have historically erupted in situations where the world view has changed dramatically. In those situations, the immune system has weakened by fear and suspicion of other people, god or the world.
The Spanish flu destroyed the ones intimidated by World War. The black death riveted those whose on whose minds the religion had planed the idea of God’s vengeance. Hitting hikers who arrived with their ships and weapons completely wrecked the entire world view of the natives. No wonder the immune systems of the indigenous indigenous people overreacted to our ”ordinary” viruses to which they just didn’t have antibodies yet.
Only those survived, whose consciousness and the immune system, were flexible enough and ready to adapt to the new perception of the world. 
For children, healthy adults and society this virus is worth seeing as an opportunity to enrich your own unconscious consciousness and enter a new era. Doctors talk about heard immunity, but as you can see, from the point of view of information and awareness, the phenomenon is much wider.

The Coronavirus is a Transformation Catalyst

Even fear is nothing to be afraid of. It’s worth facing and converted into a new consciousness.
This does not mean that the damage to the risk groups of coronavirus epidemic should be disregarded. Risk groups must be protected.
But we can see this situation as a good challenge collectively. Even in this situation we can evolve and see our consciousness step to an other level of evolution.
The practical way to walk this path is to face all fears and emotions that the coronavirus offers. We can use these feelings as our guides: they show where we have hidden our own power from us. That makes us alchemists! We can transform those fears in to wisdom. That is the evolution of the consciousness!
There are many techniques that can be used for this.
An other option is my Free to Heal ®-method that can be used to relief any physical or mental or emotional symptoms. My online course is available in English, Spanish and Finnish. There are over 6000 persons world wide that have found wonderful relief to their suffering from the online course. In the course I will show you the mechanism behind all sicknesses. – That is the overreacting of our many defense mechanisms. And that can be changed using our consciousness! (Thanks microbes and viruses for that!)
An other thing that we can learn from the virus is that, if we overreact as a society, we cause more harm than the virus itself and under the pretext of the defense system start destroying healthy tissue.
With Gratitude,


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